[NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-zycq2-128fdf9 Time for some teacher-to-teacher talk on our two favorite Sherman Oaks teachers! This episode discusses and analyzes the pedagogical practices and personalities of Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Kulkarni. What do I agree and disagree with these teachers on as a high school English teacher myself? What are my predictions for Season 3? Catch themContinue reading “[NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni”

2 Causes to Support: Sign the Petitions!

As I mentioned in my latest podcast episode, there are 2 causes I am currently supporting/working to advocate for during the Muslim holy month Dhul Hijjah. Close Guantanamo In the light of a handful of Supreme Court decisions and mass shootings, you may be wondering what America stands for. Supporting the closure of Guantanamo BayContinue reading “2 Causes to Support: Sign the Petitions!”

3 Elements of Good Representation in Ms. Marvel

3 elements of good representation I am looking for in the Disney Plus live-action Ms. Marvel! As a Pakistani-American Muslim with immigrant parents myself, this show is a huge deal to me. I know this show can only represent a fraction of the lived experiences and stories of other Pakistanis/South Asians, Muslims, children of immigrants,Continue reading “3 Elements of Good Representation in Ms. Marvel”