Bhangra Shuffle: BFunk x The Williams Fam

Bhangra + shuffle–need I say more?! This would be a great example to show high school students when discussing cultural appropriation. When a person from a marginalized culture invites you into their cultural space, it flips the script and allows the people who belong to the privileged group to appreciate a different culture instead ofContinue reading “Bhangra Shuffle: BFunk x The Williams Fam”

Desi Women Slaying: Mindy Kaling’s Diwali Party was Lit

Seeing pictures from Mindy Kaling’s Diwali party on Instagram gave me the indescribable feeling of watching your Desi friends get together and kill it. Pride? Happiness? Giddiness, even? Like when my Desi friend used to show me pictures of some Desi function or the other that she went to, the two of us huddled togetherContinue reading “Desi Women Slaying: Mindy Kaling’s Diwali Party was Lit”

“Ethnic” Cardstock Packs at Crafting Stores

I went to JoAnn a few weeks ago in a mad rush to find some more cardstock to finish up making Ramadan banners that I was planning to mail to my family. What I was really looking for was a patterned cardstock pack which had Muslim-y vibes—and guess what? I found two! Yes, two! CanContinue reading ““Ethnic” Cardstock Packs at Crafting Stores”

To All the Boys 3 Film Adaptation Fails to Meaningfully Include South Asian Women

Our conversation continued and she dropped a bomb on me—her theory was that this was Trina Rothschild’s brother, implying that Trina’s character is South Asian! I hadn’t realized that the actress playing the character, Sarayu Rao Blue, is indeed an Indian woman. Who was the ignorant one now?