5 Free Teacher Resources for Dava Shastri’s Last Day

The podcast about the full set of free teacher resources that I’ve created for Dava Shastri’s Last Day by Kirthana Ramisetti is finally out! I discuss 5 different resources I’ve created: literary analysis essay with two prompts group project: mini mixtape personal essay & artwork extension: racial identity autobiographical essay homework assignment: weather and moodContinue reading “5 Free Teacher Resources for Dava Shastri’s Last Day”

BTR Origin Story: My Reading and Teaching Journey Toward Multicultural Texts

Today’s episode is the ORIGIN STORY you’ve all been waiting for–what is Brown Teacher Reads? Who is behind it? What was her journey toward reading and teaching multicultural texts like? Hear about all of these questions and more when you listen to this podcast episode! A summary of the different phases of my education: HighContinue reading “BTR Origin Story: My Reading and Teaching Journey Toward Multicultural Texts”

143Vinly.com: Represent!

What brown crafter doesn’t love a deal? Exactly. I discovered this online store through the YouTube Channel Makers Gonna Learn. I tried them out and I was floored at how much cheaper I could get everything for my Cricut Explore Air 2 (should have gotten a Maker *MAJOR SOB*) compared to Michaels and Jo-Ann–even duringContinue reading “143Vinly.com: Represent!”

“7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim”

Um…THE DOWNTON ABBEY FILM COMES OUT TODAY IN TH US! *screaming* I, unfortunately, am waiting until Saturday to go to see it. The one showtime (ahem, excuse me?) at the nearby theater from today to Friday would have Maghrib prayer (at sunset) fall horrifically smack dab in the middle of the film. And although IContinue reading ““7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim””

Eid Lord of the Rings Spoof

This was a random WhatsApp forward in my Muslim WhatsApp groups (#BrownPeople). But WHAT IS IT? and most importantly, WHO MADE IT? This is absolutely brilliant and genius! For some context, Muslims celebrate Eid based on the end of the lunar month, which requires spotting a crescent moon. There are various approaches and unnecessary controversyContinue reading “Eid Lord of the Rings Spoof”

Ramadan 2022 Publications (Part 2)

My Articles On Elfster (the secret gift exchange website): “A New Eid Tradition: Secret Gift Exchange” and “How to Create a Secret Gift Exchange for Eid.” I was really stoked to be contacted by Elfster this year!! You can hear me narrate this piece that I wrote last year. This project is something I’ve beenContinue reading “Ramadan 2022 Publications (Part 2)”

What I’m Reading in Ramadan 2022

What is my current reading list during Ramadan this year? I’ve taken all texts that aren’t of a sacred nature off of the table for this special month, but I do have a line-up of things I’m planning to read. Yaqeen Institute Day of Judgement Series This is the series I’ve watched during Ramadan forContinue reading “What I’m Reading in Ramadan 2022”

Encanto: Family Communication Styles (Therapist Analysis)

I loved the film Encanto and immediately after I watched it, I did what my siblings and I normally do: I texted them asking them which characters they thought each one of us was. Just recently, I listened to this discussion of the film from a Marriage and Family Therapist about different family communication styles/rolesContinue reading “Encanto: Family Communication Styles (Therapist Analysis)”