“7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim”

Um…THE DOWNTON ABBEY FILM COMES OUT TODAY IN TH US! *screaming* I, unfortunately, am waiting until Saturday to go to see it. The one showtime (ahem, excuse me?) at the nearby theater from today to Friday would have Maghrib prayer (at sunset) fall horrifically smack dab in the middle of the film. And although IContinue reading ““7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim””

Encanto: Family Communication Styles (Therapist Analysis)

I loved the film Encanto and immediately after I watched it, I did what my siblings and I normally do: I texted them asking them which characters they thought each one of us was. Just recently, I listened to this discussion of the film from a Marriage and Family Therapist about different family communication styles/rolesContinue reading “Encanto: Family Communication Styles (Therapist Analysis)”

“A Brown Muslim,” Recent Reads, and Current Events

In today’s podcast episode, I read “A Brown Muslim,” a sample personal essay that I wrote for the assignment I created (Racial Identity Autobiography Personal Essay & Artwork) for Dava Shastri’s Last Day. I also cover some of my Recent Reads and Current Events. DSLD Assignment: “A Brown Muslim“ & “1000+56 Words” The first assignmentContinue reading ““A Brown Muslim,” Recent Reads, and Current Events”

To All the Boys 3 Film Adaptation Fails to Meaningfully Include South Asian Women

Our conversation continued and she dropped a bomb on me—her theory was that this was Trina Rothschild’s brother, implying that Trina’s character is South Asian! I hadn’t realized that the actress playing the character, Sarayu Rao Blue, is indeed an Indian woman. Who was the ignorant one now?