3 Elements of Good Representation in Ms. Marvel

3 elements of good representation I am looking for in the Disney Plus live-action Ms. Marvel! As a Pakistani-American Muslim with immigrant parents myself, this show is a huge deal to me. I know this show can only represent a fraction of the lived experiences and stories of other Pakistanis/South Asians, Muslims, children of immigrants, and young women–but these are some integral elements that I want to see in this story.

1-Focus on the family in the show. South Asian cultures are collectivistic cultures which focus on the family.

2. Navigate her many intersectional identities with some pride and integrity. She’s going from the typical story of “me at home vs. me at school” by adding on “me as superhero!” I don’t meed her to be completely woke and full of pride and confidence, but i want that to shine through meaningfully.

3. Islamic beliefs shape her worldview. I want to know she is Muslim and to see that a paradigm informed by her Islamic faith is a foundation of her character. I am not expecting her to be a perfect or model Muslim, but i do want her to be one in her own imperfect and idiosyncratic ways.

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