2 Causes to Support: Sign the Petitions!

As I mentioned in my latest podcast episode, there are 2 causes I am currently supporting/working to advocate for during the Muslim holy month Dhul Hijjah. Close Guantanamo In the light of a handful of Supreme Court decisions and mass shootings, you may be wondering what America stands for. Supporting the closure of Guantanamo BayContinue reading “2 Causes to Support: Sign the Petitions!”

3 Elements of Good Representation in Ms. Marvel

3 elements of good representation I am looking for in the Disney Plus live-action Ms. Marvel! As a Pakistani-American Muslim with immigrant parents myself, this show is a huge deal to me. I know this show can only represent a fraction of the lived experiences and stories of other Pakistanis/South Asians, Muslims, children of immigrants,Continue reading “3 Elements of Good Representation in Ms. Marvel”

“7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim”

Um…THE DOWNTON ABBEY FILM COMES OUT TODAY IN TH US! *screaming* I, unfortunately, am waiting until Saturday to go to see it. The one showtime (ahem, excuse me?) at the nearby theater from today to Friday would have Maghrib prayer (at sunset) fall horrifically smack dab in the middle of the film. And although IContinue reading ““7 Reasons Downton Abbey Feels Totally Muslim””

Eid Lord of the Rings Spoof

This was a random WhatsApp forward in my Muslim WhatsApp groups (#BrownPeople). But WHAT IS IT? and most importantly, WHO MADE IT? This is absolutely brilliant and genius! For some context, Muslims celebrate Eid based on the end of the lunar month, which requires spotting a crescent moon. There are various approaches and unnecessary controversyContinue reading “Eid Lord of the Rings Spoof”

Dava Shastri’s Last Day, Ch. 5 (Part 1)

Check out the second podcast episode on Dava Shastri’s Last Day! I’m continuing reading this book and in this episode, I dive a bit deeper into the text as the story progresses. This episode covers the first two segments of Chapter 5 (“Force of Nature”) which are told from Arvie and Sandi’s perspectives, respectively. FindContinue reading “Dava Shastri’s Last Day, Ch. 5 (Part 1)”