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[NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni Brown Teacher Reads

Time for some teacher-to-teacher talk on our two favorite Sherman Oaks teachers! This episode discusses and analyzes the pedagogical practices and personalities of Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Kulkarni. What do I agree and disagree with these teachers on as a high school English teacher myself? What are my predictions for Season 3? Catch them al in this episode.
  1. [NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni
  2. [Never Have I Ever] Teachers in the Show, Part 1
  3. 2 Causes to Support this Month
  4. HS English Teacher’s Guide to Dava Shastri’s Last Day
  5. BTR Origin Story

Check out my podcast, just launched in February 2022! It’s called Brown Teacher Reads. You can also find assignments related to specific podcasts episodes as well as blog posts here.

You can send voicemails on your thoughts and submit assignments to brownteacherreads@gmail.com.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Workshop!

There’s a lot I loved in Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel! Check it out! You’ll also find what I didn’t like and a question for the show!


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