2 Causes to Support: Sign the Petitions!

As I mentioned in my latest podcast episode, there are 2 causes I am currently supporting/working to advocate for during the Muslim holy month Dhul Hijjah.

Close Guantanamo

In the light of a handful of Supreme Court decisions and mass shootings, you may be wondering what America stands for. Supporting the closure of Guantanamo Bay seems so appropriate to me because it blatantly goes against national and international laws.

Go to muslimmatters.org/guantanamo to find ways you can act now. Sign a petition for the release of a prisoner suspected to have cancer or send a letter to your government representative.

Remove Spiritual Abuser Nouman Ali Khan from a Texas Mosque

A Muslim preacher proven to be a spiritual predator and chronic spiritual abuser is being welcomed with open arms back into a major mosque in the Dallas metro area. I know Nouman Ali Khan personally and was one of his students. Why this man is being allowed a position of power to groom and manipulate more women, I am not sure. The only way to get the masjid to back down is through vehement disapproval from many voices–so go ahead and sign this petition: Muslims & Allies United Against Spiritual Abusers at the Podium.

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