Teachers in the Show, P. 1 [Never Have I Ever]

Let’s celebrate the teachers at Sherman Oaks! In this episode, I discuss the two major functions of the teachers in the show: plot development and comedy.

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Portions of the show are at the high school, and a high school cannot exist whiteout teachers and classes! Moments in the classroom range in their significance, some light conversations before the bell rings to major projects which throw groups of characters together in interesting ways.

Having the teachers as a comedic element of the show adds a delectable layer of humor. It’s an opportunity for adults to get involved in the comedy and also has great moments of interplay across generations when the students react to what the teachers say and do.

in Part Two, an episode dropping soon, I talk about Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Kulkarni as teachers from my own perspective and experience as a teacher. There are aspects of Mr. S. and Mr. K I truly respect and I’d love to have had them as teachers myself back in the day.

Keep an eye out on my website or socials for compilations of the teachers’ epic quotes, things written on the board, and outfits!

In the meantime, I leave you with this awesome outfit inspo brought to you by the one and only Mr. Shapiro! I think I’ll actually make a shirt like this for myself, no joke.

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