“Mrs. Sen’s” Resources & Lesson Plan

Short story by Jhumpa Lahiri, found in Interpreter of Maladies

Unit’s Essential Question: How do we engage with others while staying true to ourselves? (taken from HMH textbook)

Unit Focuses: in-groups and out-groups

Paired with: excerpt from “By Any Other Name” by Santha Rama Rau (taken from the textbook I had to teach from, Into Reading 10th Grade) and other texts in Unit 1

Lesson Plan Resources:

  • Reading Questions
  • Socratic Seminar: Essential Question, Instructions & Rubric (thank you to my cooperating teacher, Sara Jones at UHS)
  • In-groups video explanation
  • lesson plan:
    • taught over 2 days
    • class period 1: in-group video + independent reading
    • HW: finish reading + reading questions
    • class period 2: Socratic seminar discussion

taught Fall 2020 in English 2 Honors (10th grade)

posted 2/27/2021

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