Empire: India Unit for British Empire

In the British Literature class I taught during my student teaching experience at Urbana High School, I was asked to teach a class which had no curricula or syllabus. I was asked to basically create the course from almost nothing–YIKES for a student teaching scenario (during which I also had to take the ridiculous edTPA and also experienced and lost my first pregnancy…)

Thoughts on Course Design: I took the course in a different direction that initially planned by my awesome, amazing cooperating teacher, Sara Jones, which would have gone through different historical/political/literary movements into modern British Literature today. I looked at my diverse students who probably could give zero eff’s about Virginia Woolfe and also thought that I couldn’t just teach a British Literature class without confronting the elephant in the room of my existence–the fact that my ancestors suffered at the hands of the British. Those thoughts, in addition to the fact that I read close to no British Literature past whatever I read in high school, lead me to push my course into a more Comparative Literature approach (rather than English) and I created an “Empire” unit. We’d travel off that little island and look at the empire that it claimed and controlled for so long. After that, we did a unit called “Decolonization, Post-Colonialism &  Arts of “Low Culture” and then finally looked at modern-day colonialism in a unit called “Current Colonialism in Palestine: Art of Resistance.”


This unit was meant to provide a sampler of the scope of the British Empire to aid them in their research projects of a territory of their choice.

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