Podcast-Severus Snape Mini Mixtape: “The Prince’s Tape”

Oh, yes I did! I put together a Severus Snape Mini Mixtape called The Prince’s Tape! My latest podcast episode is all about it! The mixtape is dope and I can’t wait for everyone to listen to it! You can scan the QR code to listen on your phone, click on the Spotify player of The Prince’s Tape below, or you can click this link!

[NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni Brown Teacher Reads

Time for some teacher-to-teacher talk on our two favorite Sherman Oaks teachers! This episode discusses and analyzes the pedagogical practices and personalities of Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Kulkarni. What do I agree and disagree with these teachers on as a high school English teacher myself? What are my predictions for Season 3? Catch them al in this episode.
  1. [NHIE] Teachers Pt. 2: Mr. Shapiro & Mr. Kulkarni
  2. [Never Have I Ever] Teachers in the Show, Part 1
  3. 2 Causes to Support this Month
  4. HS English Teacher’s Guide to Dava Shastri’s Last Day
  5. BTR Origin Story

Here’s all the details for The Prince’s Tape. This link will take you to the Google Doc that includes all of the justifications I wrote for the title/song order and song choices. This document is created with the template for the Shastri-Persson Family Portrait Mini MIxtape group project that I created. Let me know your thoughts on my mixtape–DID I DO A GOOD JOB?!

Now that’ you’ve immersed yourself in the details of The Prince’s Tape, I wanted to share why I made it in the first place. As you may recall, I was reading Dava Shastri’s Last Day earlier in the year and I designed a curriculum for use in high school English classrooms! The Severus Snape Mini Mixtape is a sample of a group project I designed to go along with that book! I always believe in creating samples of finished projects for my students, so I decided to use a neutral, ubiquitous reference: Harry Potter, of course!

Teachers interested in checking out all the details of the project, please find everything you need in this Google Drive folder to assign a group mixtape project for Dava Shastri’s Last Day or really any book you’re reading with your students!

Email me your Severus Snape, or any other Harry Potter-related mixtape! Let’s put these mixtapes in conversation with each other. I’d also love to hear from teachers planning on using this project next year (or to close out the school year: one song per novel you read this year!!) My email: brownteacherreads@gmail.com

Last bit mot least, here is my first HP Voicemail on Instagram, in case you’d like to watch it! And share it! I hope to creating one of these a month 🙂

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