143Vinly.com: Represent!

What brown crafter doesn’t love a deal? Exactly. I discovered this online store through the YouTube Channel Makers Gonna Learn. I tried them out and I was floored at how much cheaper I could get everything for my Cricut Explore Air 2 (should have gotten a Maker *MAJOR SOB*) compared to Michaels and Jo-Ann–even during sales and even with coupons.

Well, I just started following them on Instagram today and I was taken aback by what I saw. Do you know what I’m about to say next?

What I perceived to be a black man’s hand.

My mind was like…say what?? That is the polar opposite of the stereotypical, ever-dominating white woman crafter.

I kept digging into more posts and my suspicions were right. It is a black man that seems to run 143vinyl’s Instagram account! I got SO MANY FEELS. I love this company even more for wanting a black man as the face…mostly hands…of their company at least on one social media platform. And whoever this person is–I am glad that I saw you and felt an instant connection that happens when two people of color enter a space dominated by white people.

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