Allure Beauty Box: Model Wearing a Hijab!

The original caption with some small expansions:

I spot a hijab! #AllureBeautyBox

How do I feel about the inclusion of a hijab-wearing woman in the beauty industry?

1-It’s cool to see someone who dresses like me.

2-I know this move is trying to gain new customers by reaching another demographic. It’s always a double-edged sword when it comes to including Muslims because Islamophobia and racists will be turned off.

3-The beauty industry today works off of women’s insecurities but sells the message of “empowerment” and “self-love” and “worth.”

4-There is something antithetical when it comes to the beauty industry and Islamic values when women use makeup to enhance their beauty in settings where higher standards of modesty are required. So the rule for those unfamiliar with Islam: there are certain rules for men and women when it comes to dress and appearance. These rules change in different settings, but one of the guidelines is for women to not show off or flaunt their beauty in front of men they’re not related to by blood or marriage. So, essentially, wearing makeup that goes beyond covering up flaws or imperfections is not acceptable according to Islamic rules. Do plenty of Muslim women war makeup anyways, whether or not they wear hijab? Of course. That’s not for me to judge.

5-The idea of wearing makeup on a daily basis is something I find abhorrent and sad. It is so disheartening that women feel like they have to cover up and hide their skin by wearing foundation and other things. I’m all here for the more “natural” makeup look, or the “no makeup” look–but like, can we just STOP with the makeup all together? I recently started shooting reels for MuslimMatters and making more reels and videos of my own–something I never thought I would do. But one of the huge insecurities I have is just showing up with my bare face. Why? Because nearly every woman I see in reels or on socials in a semi-professional/public account has something on their face. I just can’t get on board with that from a logical standpoint: if a man doesn’t have to do this, then why should I waste 5-20 minutes “getting ready” to be “presentable” in a video? Literally the only person I see who does not seem like she styles her hair or applies any makeup at all in her professional account is this wonderful woman I love to follow on Instagram for tips on parenting my toddler: transformingtoddlerhood. This is such a toxic expectation. If you want to wear makeup for fun or “for yourself,” go ahead! But if it’s like everyday or every time there will be a picture or video of yourself–that’s something I can’t concede to.

I obviously have an Allure Beauty Box subscription and although I personally do not wear makeup on a regular basis and avoid doing so around men who aren’t related to me, I do like the chance to get dolled up every once in a while and wouldn’t mind having more excuses to do so! The subscription is my regular mama treat to myself and I’m also hoping to find some ways to improve my skin (which is sort of terrible from teenage acne). Isn’t it so terrible that in my high school classroom my skin is in the bottom tier of how it looks…but yeah, here’s my point, it’s not the end of the world.

Overall, tho? I am here for this type of diversity and inclusion and I am just one small and insignificant voice.

#Allure#Beauty #MakeUp #Diversity

The final thing I want to add is this: I don’t believe in using the term “hijabi” to describe women who wear hijab. More on this later–but I think it puts a lot of undue pressure on Muslim women who are simply obeying an Islamic rule.

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