Eid Lord of the Rings Spoof

This was a random WhatsApp forward in my Muslim WhatsApp groups (#BrownPeople). But WHAT IS IT? and most importantly, WHO MADE IT?

This is absolutely brilliant and genius! For some context, Muslims celebrate Eid based on the end of the lunar month, which requires spotting a crescent moon. There are various approaches and unnecessary controversy when it comes to different mosques/communities declaring when the day of Eid will be. This can also be called #MoonWars–Star Wars, we need you next.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to state I only have ever watched the Lord of the Rings movies and have never read the books. I tried reading one of the books in the fourth grade but it was way out of my league. But I still love you, Lord of the Rings! I also have to say that I know close to nothing about Star Wars.

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