Ramadan 2022 Publications (Part 2)

My Articles

On Elfster (the secret gift exchange website): “A New Eid Tradition: Secret Gift Exchange” and “How to Create a Secret Gift Exchange for Eid.” I was really stoked to be contacted by Elfster this year!!

You can hear me narrate this piece that I wrote last year.

This project is something I’ve been working on lately–an activism drive during Ramadan! It’s a phone call and email campaign to ask local representatives to support the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act. Islam sees political activism and social justice as acts of worship, so I thought…why not bring those two things together?

You can see the others I posted earlier on the blog:

Articles Close to the Heart

Some of these articles are ones that I worked on with the authors!

And how appropriate this next one is for me this Ramadan…I’ve managed to fast only 3 days so far this month due to IBS. More on that later.

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