Encanto: Family Communication Styles (Therapist Analysis)

I loved the film Encanto and immediately after I watched it, I did what my siblings and I normally do: I texted them asking them which characters they thought each one of us was.

Just recently, I listened to this discussion of the film from a Marriage and Family Therapist about different family communication styles/roles that each character seems to perfectly embody! I LOVED this so much and thought I would shared.

One of the reasons I love hearing from this therapist is that she has the cultural competency to understand that there is a huge divide between the hyper-individualistic American culture and other cultures which focus and prioritize more of a collective identity culture.

Now that I’ve watched this analysis, I’m going to take a second pass at which characters we’re assigning to who in my family. But, I definitely need all my siblings to catch up and watch the movie first!

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