ColourPop x Avatar: The Last Airbender

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Nabila, for sharing the exciting collab between ColourPop and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Did I want to buy the whole collection? Yes. Did I? No, thankfully I have more self control than that.

That said, as you can see from my order, my poison when it comes to makeup is eyeshadow palettes. I would have loved to buy the Air Nation champagne-white color eyeliner for tight-lining the water line in my under eye, but it was sold out. Do I think I will use the reds or the blues? Probably never, but this is more of a collector’s item so when I go to my stash of eyeshadow palettes I can feel satiated. Do I think this is a little bit of a problem? Yes. Yes, I do. I guess everyone wastes their money or spends irresponsibly on something, I guess I’m glad I’m not shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to fuel this makeup collecting interest. I will get worried and make a new plan once I have no place to store new additions (I’m almost there).

I also got the Hocus Pocus (Gather ‘Round Sisters) palette back in October. It was my first time buying from ColourPop and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I went back to a different Ulta so far away to get two more for my two sisters. I customized them by adding their names to the palette covers and also informed them that they received their 2022 birthday gifts early. The Hocus Pocus collab is when I started paying attention to show/book/movie collabs with makeup companies–what a sneaky way to double-dip into two addictive, emotional markets: makeup and fandoms.

Back to Avatar, I always thought I was fire nation. Then I took this Buzzfeed quiz. Turns out I *am* Fire, which I am pleased with (sort of, at least I would have been thrilled about it before) since Zuko and Iroh have special places in my heart. I had to take a Hogwarts sorting quiz (also on Buzzfeed) and after an appalling result (below), my husband and I discussed it at length and it turns out I am Slytherin (which I am sort of devastated about). I always pretended I was Gryffindor or acquiesced that I must be in Ravenclaw since I am such a nerd, but NO! Slytherin it is! What element are you? What house are you? Please share.

I’m excited for my palette to head my way in the mail. We’ll call this purchase an Eid al Fitr gift to myself! I don’t wear any makeup when I go out, but I do like to put some on for special occasions and also when I’m bored or feeling frumpy at home. So the people who actually know me and are wondering when in God’s name I actually use makeup–the answer is–almost never. Oh well.

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