Recent Slow Down–A Death in the Family

I’ve had a recent slow down on BTR with no new podcasts or really any up for two weeks. I just wanted to pop in here and say that we had a death in the family on the 13th and that week was very busy for us. My husband’s uncle passed away and he was an amazing man and a founding leader of the Muslim community in Orlando. He will be missed by everyone–friends, family, community. He was a true legend, humble leader, and kind and loving family man. May Allah accept him in the highest levels of Paradise and give his closest family strength to endure their loss.

With the passing of my hsuband’s uncle and Ramadan coming up so soon, I had to take a bit of a break from BTR. But I hope to get a few last-minute things in before Ramadan starts inshaAllah (God-willing) and then be back with a couple of podcasts a month (or more?) in May. I more likely than not will post close to nothing during Ramadan as I mentioned in a previous podcast that I only engage with sacred texts during Ramadan to observe this holy time of year for Muslims.

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