Lilly’s Library-I Have Been Waiting!!

When I found out that Lilly Singh was launching a new project to celebrate South Asian stories, I was way too excited. Like, start screaming loudly to yourself excited and alarm your family members excited 🙂

I’m hoping this will be an awesome initiative which gains a good amount of traction due to Lilly’s fame. I’m excited to read alongside her and hope that I can keep up! I’m not sure if I’ll personally be interested in all of the books she chooses, but for the ones I’m interested in reading, I’ll definitely do my best to share my thoughts!

Something I hope Lilly will do is to choose a range of literature from the South Asian/Desi community, which takes turns appealing to different demographics and groups within that crazy diverse label.

Check it out for yourself if you’re interested in the Desi reading space! and you can follow her Instagram page: @lillyslibrary

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