Huda Beauty’s Rose Quartz Palette is a Disappointment for Brown Skin Tones

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Huda Beauty. I love Huda Kattan. When I got married in December 2014, I remember my makeup artist pulling out Desert Dusk (I didn’t know what it was then) and thinking–wow, that palette is like a…shaadi palette. This is any color any makeup artist could need for any shaadi outfit. That’s why when I recognized the palette later and heard about Huda Kattan, I mistakenly though she was Desi for a short while.

Well, can I say I’m addicted to buying Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes? I eagerly await the drop of her big palettes, but I was sorely disappointed when I saw the Rose Quartz palette drop. It’s full of a lot of cool tones with icy pinks and purples which frankly just don’t fit brown skin. These are colors that white barbies wear, not Brown girls. Check out the swatches below and judge for yourself.

I often think Huda looks gorgeous, but I just am not here for this color temperature and story at ALL. The New Nude palette had richer, warmer pinks and purples wlhich were much nicer for Desi skin tones.

One of the main reasons I love Huda and her makeup is because you can tell it’s made for women who have skin tones close to mine. Finally we get a brown makeup artist who understands brown skin and then creates makeup products to fit our skin tones and needs? Yes! When I started expanding my makeup collection, it was when Huda was the only brown girl making it in the makeup industry, and that’s why I’m perhaps so loyal to her. Huda was one of the first people I noticed put out these multi-skin tone swatches. She was just someone who was not white who I could resonate with on a beauty level because things that white people do, let’s be frank here, don’t work for Desi girls. You know that bubble gum pink lipstick? Not for brown girls. Cool color eyeshadows? NOT for brown girls. Angela Bright, I love your eyeshadow tutorials, but more than half of them are absolutely irrelevant to me because I could never pull off looks like that with my skin tone. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance palette–I’ve heard a lot of buzz about it and when I heard my sister-in-law was bringing it to Chicago over the summer for our BIL’s wedding, I was like YES, I can finally play with it. No! It was all cool-toned and I was just like…yes, I can tell this was made by a white person. Sorry, not sorry.

Another reason why I like Huda Beauty is because she’s an actual makeup artist who made her brand without becoming an influencer first. Someone like Addison Rae is a black-and-white example of how someone who became an influencer (I do admit, off of dancing TikToks and she IS trained as a dancer) and then created a beauty line “Item,” I’m a little dubious of. By the way, I got the “cheek monkey” bronze/contour compact of hers before I knew who she was and that the company belonged to her and I LOVE it. I could easily throw out the rest of my bronzers and contours and stick to that one for life. Another example: okay, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore (I love her tho), good for you getting into the makeup industry off of the steam of your acting, you know? Christen Dominique…she started on YouTube (from my knowledge) and I used to like following her tutorials because she had darker skin than say, Carli Bybel (who was great when she first came out because her makeup then wasn’t too over-the-top, but I still am partial towards her), but at the end of the day I believe she fake tans and after she started speaking about all of her plastic surgery I was just like…okay, I thought she was darker in skin tone but she still tans and she’s gone down the road of cosmetic surgery…can’t stand for that. Also, I got the Sweater Weather palette which had horrid colors in it and was not good. Back to Huda, though. You can tell this is her niche and her passion.

So back to Huda palettes and my addiction. I have most of the gemstone obsessions palettes, which are small and relatively affordable. Her big palettes are crazy pricey, though, and I wait until Black Friday to buy them. So far, I have New Nude and Desert Dusk (can definitely tell that’s one of her older palettes because the shadow quality is a little sad.) This year, I’ll probably get either the Naughty Nude (God save me from this overly provocative name) or the Rose Gold Remastered (which I’ve had my eyes on for a while now.) But…Rose Quartz? I will NOT be buying that next year. No way. I’m sad, but I think I’ll get over it soon.

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