Bhangra Shuffle: BFunk x The Williams Fam

Bhangra + shuffle–need I say more?! This would be a great example to show high school students when discussing cultural appropriation. When a person from a marginalized culture invites you into their cultural space, it flips the script and allows the people who belong to the privileged group to appreciate a different culture instead of appropriate it. And the results in this case are…FIRE. I’m getting some brown “Ok Go” vibes on this one!

Rabbit hole update 11/9: I recently discovered that this track was created as a “shuffle song,” so I guess the genius here is two-fold: on the part of the artists as well as the choreographers. I watched a video called “Matt Steffanina Teaches Sanjoy x Amar Sandhu How to Shuffle l Fake Love” from a channel called “PopShift,” which is where I made this discovery. I’d love to share it here, but for some reason after watching it once on my phone I can’t access it because it has magically become “restricted.” Oh, well!

Also I need to learn some more Punjabi.

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